My Story

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I started singing and writing songs at the age of 16. I have many years of experience recording songs, jingles and voice overs (radio spots) One song I recorded ended up getting 91% of the vote in a contest on Kiss 108FM, one of the largest radio stations in Boston, Massachusetts. I have performed at many venues since the age of 16 such as the House of Blues, The Franco center, The Strand Theater and Mohegan sun as a contestant on the award-winning show Community Auditions where viewers voted for me to advance all the way to the finals.

Soon after appearing on Community Auditions, I was diagnosed with Stage 2B breast cancer in 2009. I had a lumpectomy and a bunch of lymph nodes removed followed by 36 treatments of radiation. Soon after I finished my radiation treatments, I did a public service announcement regarding breast cancer awareness. The crew from Community Auditions recorded the PSA and it was aired on local Boston stations.

Five years ago, the love of my life (my husband) and I moved to Maine. We have 3 dogs, 3 cats a hamster and two large fish tanks. We call them our children.

Opie, our miniature Goldendoodle, has Mega Esophagus. Essentially, his esophagus does not work. My husband built a special chair called, “The Bailey Chair” for him. Opie gets food blended in a VitaMixer 2 times a day and sits in the chair for 40 minutes each feeding time. When we adopted Opie he weighed 21lbs. He is now we 30lbs.

As a teenager I met a man by the name of Henry King III (AKA, Harry King III) at one of the finest recording studio in Boston. I then was introduced to his piano skills and thought WOW! he is one heck of a piano player. To this day, Harry still produces music for me and many other artists. I call him a “musical genius” as I’m sure many others do as well.

Please frequent my web page. I will be posting more songs and upcoming performances from time to time.

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